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I am dedicating this site to my dear friend, my teacher, my "brother", Sir George Gabb. Poet .. Playwright .. Author .. Painter .. Teacher .. Woodcarver..Sculptor.
George was and is always stretching the limits of his skills, his medium his art and now his health. Artist Laureate of Belize and knighted by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury in recognition for his contributions to the field of art in the country of Belize.
On my way to British Honduras in 1970 I chanced upon a magnificent three foot ziricote carved shark in a dive shop in Los Angeles, from that moment I knew I must meet this artist. Not too many months afterwards our paths magically intertwined and have remained inseparably so since.
George allowed me into his studio, a mere shack, as he did hundreds of others, local youngsters and foreigners alike, who were seeking a means to express themselves. I still hear his words ," Bob, I canít teach you to be an artist. You already are one. You just have to let it come through."

After thirty plus years of chiseling, George has become extremely allergic to wood dust. Even though an excellent painter his love for carving drives him on.

Recently George was at a world wide poetry contest in Washington D.C. He represented His country, Belize. A Second Place