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Greenheart Piling & Timber Characteristics

Yellow to dark olive green in color
Straight or interlocked grains
Bending strength of 17,800 PSI
Used in fender systems, framing, pier, dock, and decking
Maximum crushing strength of 9,920 PSI
Modulus of elasticity of 1,000 PSI
Piling available 10 to 18 inches in diameter and lengths up to 18'
Environmentally Friendly

Greenheart Piling & Timber are untreated, environmentally
friendly products
Strength & Durability

Greenheart Piling & Timber are renowned for their strength
and durability Class 1
Greenheart Piling & Timbers are four times stronger than your
typical treated Pine or Fir and lasts just as long or longer.

Price $13.50 per lineal foot
Prices are quoted FOB Miami