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Botanical Name:Platymiscum yucatanum

Local Names: Kira, Trebol, Granadillo, Ormigia

Habitat: Mexico & Central America

This gorgeous wood runs the color spectrum from violet to dark red to brown with frequent streaking and pronounced figure. Very hard, heavy, and dense with a tight grain and a fine texture. Weight 56 to 75 lbs. per cu. ft. Occasional light blonde sapwood contrasts beautifully with the heartwood.

A medium-sized to large canopy tree, up to 100 feet in height in the natural rain forest, with trunk diameters of up to 3 feet, with a clear, straight, cylindrical bole to 60 feet above a buttress.

Takes a high natural polish works easily, finishes smoothly, and responds well to hand tools. It glues, nails and screws well, and is rated highly durable. Frequently used for fine furniture and cabinetry, decorative veneers, flooring, musical instruments, turnery, joinery and specialty items such as violin bows and billiard cues Granadillo is an excellent substitute for Rosewood or Cocobolo.
It smells like rosewood also.

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