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Honduras Rosewood Honduras Rosewood

BOTANICAL NAME - Dalbergia Stevensonii
OTHER NAMES - Nogaed, rosul, Honduran Rosewood.
The heartwood varies from pinkish to purple-brown with irregular black markings independent of growth rings. Grain is straight to slightly roey or wavy. Texture is medium to fine. Weight varies from about 58 lbs to 68 lbs per cu. ft. There are 3 distinct trees, The mauve or purple one which is denser than the brown one. I have noticed rarely over the years a white or cream colored one. It can be as dense as the brown one yet I am not entirely convinced that is not just an immature tree. Although I have seen some fairly large ones. It also produces some fantastic burls.
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES - Denser and tougher than Brazilian Rosewood, but is mainly used where strength properties are not important. This wood is too heavy for bending.
WORKING PROPERTIES - Difficult to work. Moderate blunting effect on cutters. Reduced cutting angle recommended for planing when interlocked or wavy grain is present. Pre-drilling required for nailing. May cause gluing or finishing problems in very oily specimens. Does not take a naturally high polish, but a good finish can be obtained with care.
DURABILITY - Very durable. Moderately resistant to termites in Belize.
SEASONING - Dries slowly with a tendency to split. Can be carefully kiln dried with little degradation. Small movement.
USES - Fingerboards for banjos, guitars and mandolins, percussion bars for xylophones, harp bodies, mouldings, picture frames, sculpture, furniture and decorative veneer. Widely used for turning.
COMMENTS - I have worked with this Rosewood for 30 years and love it very much. We do all we can to protect it's habitat.


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