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ziricote is noted for its dramatic grain pattern

Botanical Name: Cordia dedecandra

Common Names: Canalete, Freijo, Laurel, Peterebi, Siricote, Ziricote

Species Distribution: REGIONS: Central America COUNTRIES: Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

Environmental Profile: The conservation category assigned to this species within most of its geographical range is Not Threatened. It is, however, classified as Vulnerable in Mexico (Source - World Conservation Monitoring Center - 1992.

Distribution: Several species in the hard-wooded or dark-colored Gerascanthus group of the genus Cordia are reported to occur in northern Florida, the West Indies, Central America, and southward to Brazil and Argentina. Species from Mexico are reported to grow at altitudes of up to1640 feet (500 m) in tropical dry regions with average precipitation of about 40 inches (1000 mm).

Product Sources Some material from this species is reported to be available from environmentally responsible or sustainably managed sources. Tree Data Trees in the Gerascanthus group are described as small to large, and may attain a height of about 100 feet (30 m) at maturity.

Wood Characterisics: The sapwood is brownish-yellow in color. Heartwood Color The heartwood is red-brown in color, with black veins. Grain Grain is usually straight or interlocked. Texture The wood has a medium texture. Luster The wood is lustrous.