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Our Continuous search for quality plantation teak has kept us on a vigil in the tropical mountains of Central and South America.

Our most recent trip aboard an ancient twin prop plane makes me wonder... What am I doing trusting my life to these crazed pilots as they skim the tree tops upon landing. The adventure was great when I was younger, but now is it really all that much fun and does it pay enough.

Well the pay is not always that good, our customers keep encouraging us and after thirty some years what else could we do. So we struggle through the eleven hour road trips (boy my butt seems to get more sore that before), the sleep disturbed nights with species of bugs yet to be named and then foraging out to once more look at trees that are not quite what they were purported to be.

But the truth is yes we still love all this almost Indiana Jones type adventure. And the exhilaration of the big catch when the saws are ripping through mature plantation teak and the orders are being loaded in the containers.

Then the rum can flow, the music is good and the food is fine.