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Most of our lumber is selected board by board either by Russell Pollero or myself, Robert Novak. We still make those yearly treks to foreign lands in search of beautiful and unusual wood.

two foot wide mahogany boards on the green chain

I have experience as a sculptor, primarily using rosewood and ziricote. I also have made custom furniture using exotic woods. Russell has worked on wooden boats as well as still makes custom furniture.
George Gabb siizing up a rosewood burl for carving

I have been buying, exporting and importing lumber since 1972. In fact my search for rosewood first led me to British Honduras(Belize) in 1970. This is where Russell and I met and began working together.

deep in the jungle we survey some sawn lumber

We began importing Plantation Teak in 1979, our first shipment was 89,000 board feet. Both Russell and I personally have invested in Teak tree plantations. We feel this to be a sound investment beneficial to the forests we love as well as providing a continuing source of quality lumber.

1940 log train taking mahogany to the mill or river ..............................giant mahogany tree from 1940

We have seen over the years the quantity and quality of both logs and lumber deteriorate. We continually try to balance the needs of our customers, the saw mill owners and the forests. Where ever possible we choose sources of lumber that make environmental sense while not sacrificing quality and beauty.

piles of logs waiting for the saw mill...............................the beginings of our teak tree plantation in Costa Rica